D3 Showcase + ConnectLAX

The National D3 Showcase registration includes delivery of film, a professional highlight video and your player tags through a ConnectLAX profile. You can sync an existing profile or create a new one. Your profile syncs to our event's digital coach book to streamline recruiting as game film coupled with your player info and tags are shared with every college coach.


After the event, you will receive film access, and sync or create your profile.


ConnectLAX player highlights, tagging and film share puts your game at the fingertips of every college coach. By leveraging ConnectLAX’s digital platform, your game is featured directly to over 250 D3 programs, and with all the film tagged; a truly innovative, streamlined and efficient experience is created for college coaches scouting your game.


College coach evaluations will also drive a player leaderboard fo attendees.

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