National D3 Showcase Announces Strategic Partnership with ConnectLAX

Carlisle, PA. (Apr 1, 2020) —   National D3 Showcase is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with ConnectLAX. As part of the agreement, ConnectLAX will share game film of the showcase alongside player info with all NCAA D3 coaches, enabling efficient post-event recruiting and elevated exposure for participants.

National D3 Showcases are scheduled to take place in 3 geographic locations this fall for high school athletes and NCAA D3 coaches seeking college admissions and athletic recruitment opportunities. Limited to only 120 athletes, each showcase will enable athletes to work directly with and be evaluated by NCAA D3 lacrosse coaches during individual and small group position drills and full-field games. Athletes will have the opportunity for selection to an All-Star Game featuring the Top 40. There will be a Q&A session for parents and NCAA D2 coaches.


According to David Webster Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Dickinson College, “There are 254 colleges and universities that provide the distinguished academics and competitive athletics. The National D3 Showcase places student-athletes front and center with NCAA D3 Men’s Lacrosse and broadens their selection of schools for consideration.”

“Our platform focuses on helping players get recruiting to the right school and we feel the National D3 Showcase shares in that mission. We encourage players to keep options on the table, develop their athletic fit preference and get their game in front of schools that match", says Gage Mersereau of ConnectLAX. ConnectLAX will also amplify the exposure of players via their event social feed.


About ConnectLAX

ConnectLAX is a matchmaker for high school recruits and college coaches. ConnectLAX is the largest recruiting platform in lacrosse and integrates recruiting, video and evaluations. ConnectLAX simplifies club management; tracks recruiting activity in real-time, and helps recruits find colleges that fit them both on and off the field. On the events side, ConnectLAX includes options to streamline all-star rostering via evaluations and to share game film, alongside player info, to college coaches. Learn more at


About the National D3 Showcase


The National D3 Showcase is the premier NCAA D3 recruiting showcase for high school lacrosse prospects and NCAA D3 coaches seeking college admissions and athletic recruitment opportunities.  Limited to only 120 athletes graduating in 2022, 2023 or 2024, the National D3 Showcase guarantees that every athlete will learn what NCAA D3 Men’s Lacrosse is all about and gain unprecedented exposure to NCAA D3 lacrosse coaches and schools by demonstrating their lacrosse skills and athleticism during small group and individual position drills, and game competition. There will be a Q&A session for parents and NCAA D3 lacrosse coaches geared to provide information leading to college admissions and athletic recruitment.



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